Etihad Museum #Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Etihad Museum
City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Location: Bur Dubai, in Jumeirah 1 next Jumeirah Mosque.
Period: Foundation Process of the United Arab Emirates | 1968 a 1974
Facebook /etihadmuseum
Price: 06 EUR (25 AED)

⭐ Historical Importance and Content
⭐ Architecture and the Internal Environment
⭐ Exhibition Halls and Lighting
⭐ Quality of Collection Items
⭐ Exhibition and Display
⭐ Technology, Interaction and Video
⭐ Catalog and Display (Arabic + English)
⭐ Photography, Painting and(or) Explanatory Illustration
⭐ Reception and Public Areas
⭐ Location, Price and Accessibility

This post I’ll introduce you to the Etihad Museum, it is the new Dubai Museum Recently open to the public on January 7, 2017. I had the pleasure of visiting two months after inauguration, with my wife Milene Patrial.

Me and Mila

Al Etihad (الاتحاد) means The Union, nothing more than the appropriate one for the theme of the Museum.The museum is a fantastic project that aims to restore, in a grand style, a memory of the country. This museum works like a model of the “National Museum” dedicated to registering of the history the United Arab Emirates as a modern nation.The site is a complex that houses several buildings, the old Royal Administrative Palace of Dubai, a Hall (Union House) where the agreement was signed between the Emirates of the region for a unification of the country – initially 6, shortly after the 7th Emirate, Ras Al Khaimah – and, lastly, the most recent building, which opened to the exhibit items with impressive architecture.

National Flag

Dubai Palace

The Etihad Museum is wonderful both outside and inside. The exhibition is presented in the underground of the building. The exhibit not too many items – sometimes is enough – for what does must be seen I suppose it is perfect.

Royal Families of the Seven Emirates

Visiting the exhibition I indicate the hall of philately, which is the hall that contains a most important part of the documentary collection; In the halls there are also several panels with photographic records of the past; The museum reserves two rooms (one room in 3D) for the showing of videos; There are also some interact stations with historical information available to the visitor; Surely it is a current museum that breathes the century XXI in its futuristic tendencies, this technological stations are presented in an interactive and intelligent system to the public.

Hall of Postage and Stamps

It is very pleasant a walk on the halls of the museum, have at least 1:30 pm to visit. If possible after visiting the exhibition, relax a little and have a coffee in the museum caffee house.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

For those who come or are in Dubai, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Museum. It is a great opportunity to know a little more about the local Arab culture and society, it is also a journey through the history of the 07 former Emirates that have become the United Arab Emirates nation. Below are some photos of the exhibition. Thanks and Valew Valew …Ethiad Museum Location in Dubai

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