MIM – Musical Instrument Museum #Brussels, Belgium

MIM | Musical Instrument Museum
City: Brussels, Belgium
Location: Downtown, near to Royal Square.
Theme: Collection Instruments Musicals and Music History
Link: http://www.mim.be/en
Facebook /mimbrussels
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/MIM
Price: 10 EUR (above 18 years old)

⭐ Historical Importance and Content ⭐ Architecture and the Internal Environment ⭐ Exhibition Halls and Lighting ⭐ Quality of Collection Items ⭐ Exhibition and Display ⭐ Technology, Interaction and Video ⭐ Catalog and Display (French + English + Dutch) ⭐ Photography, Painting and(or) Explanatory Illustration ⭐ Reception and Public Areas ⭐ Location, Price and Accessibility

Hello my friends from Museums, by the way. In this post I will introduce MIM | Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels, Belgium. This space is a charm in itself. Even though it is a musical museum it is a true meeting point of music and its lovers. The building on the Montagne de la Cour/Hofberg (museum entrance) is one of Brussels’ art-nouveau gems, there is a hall dedicated to the architecture and history of the buildings that house the MIM.

In total there are 12 levels of floors that make up the museum, at the exhibition galleries there are the instruments collections, library, concert hall, the Art Nouveau Exhibition dedicated to the building architecture (level 5) and in the last level to restaurant and coffee. On the galleries musical instruments are four halls.

level -1. “Musicus mechanicus” is the title of the collection of mechanical, electrical and electronic instruments
level 1. Traditional musical instruments around the world
level 2. Thematic exhibits from Western classical music, ranging from late medieval and renaissance times up to the end of the 19th C.
level 4. Story of keys and keyboards

Upon receiving my audio guide at reception I went at level -1, where there was the collection of mechanical, electrical and electronic instruments, a space destined for the art of old-time sound and the consequent evolution. All the music galleries are wonderful the collection is incredible, or rather magic. Besides seeing and knowing the instrument you can also listen to it, just type in the audio guide the corresponding number. Take at least 3 hours to visit.

The beat of each note of each instrument of each breath or touch of each creative construction through each culture of a given time of a given feeling or desire is a soul sound of the charm of pure magic. It is the subtle harmony between the mathematics of men and the presence of angels. Lovely place !!!!

MIMO |  Musical Instrument Museums Online: http://www.mimo-international.com

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