Saint John’s Hospital #Bruges, Belgium

Saint John’s Hospital
City:  Bruges, Belgium
Location: Downtown, Mariastraat 38
Theme: History, Religious and Health
The historic city centre is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, 2000
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Bruges is the Veneza of north,  a pearl and also a charm. Walk through the old streets of Bruges is an amazing experience, full of history and literally a journey through time. The atmosphere is magical, an island cut by several canals that fed a rich region. If you are a traveler and want to go back in time our suggestion is to visit Saint John’s Hospital. A place with eight hundred-year-old histories of caring for pilgrims, travelers, the poor and the sick. This visit can be divided into 3 parts, the first thing to see is the architecture of the building with his bricks so peculiar which brings us instantly to the past.

The first one you have to go to the main place where the hospital was operating, we can find many items of furniture, sculptures, silverware, paintings and sacred objects. This tour is important to understand the feeling of charity and care given to the sick. The fight for life with great zeal and religiosity practiced by the sisters. Sint-Janshospitaal is one of the oldest preserved hospital buildings in Europe.

The second step is to visit the pharmacy, where the medicines are and all the healing science used as hospital support and reference of the great doctors and pharmacists of the time, this is a singular visit to a hall reserved to the knowledge and effort to save the life.

In front of the hospital, there is the Church of Our Lady. You can extend your journey visiting this church. As we know in that time in that conditions through this activity to save people, the religion was the base and for that, there is always a church around. This church is so important for the simple fact that at that time – or even today, it was a connection to heaven, with its own peculiarities and its treasures is one of the blessings of Bruges.

Since 2000, the Historic Center of the city has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage. So … I hope you enjoy this post and if you really liked, leave your like and comments okay ?! Valew Valew….

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