Acropolis Hill and Museum #Athens, Greece

Acropolis Museum and Hill
City:  Athens, Greece
Location: Downtown, Acropolis Hill
Theme: Classic Greek History and Architecture
World Heritage UNESCO, 1987
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Price: 05

⭐ Historical Importance and Content ⭐ Architecture and the Internal Environment ⭐ Exhibition Halls and Lighting ⭐ Quality of Collection Items ⭐ Exhibition and Display ⭐ Catalog and Display (Greek + English) ⭐ Reception and Public Areas ⭐ Location, Price and Accessibility

When we talk about Athens and your old history, there are a lot of things to say. I think it doesn’t need any more explanation since you can find everything on the internet. but you know … you need to see and feel the magic atmosphere from the gods.

Acropolis Museum Entrance

Alexander III “The Great”

As we emerge in mythology and philosophy we have attained the knowledge of our ancient western civilization. The sensitivity of perceiving the details, inspirations, the arts, architectures of a people, much of our origin.

The marble art in all its splendor designed to serve the great gods of Olympus. That’s what we feel when we go to Athens. The museum is the keeper of these art jewels and the Acropolis hill the spiritual abode. A mystical and living journey.

The Acropolis museum is modern and very spacious. I emphasize the classic collection of Greek ceramics, several sculptures in marble and of course the original Caryatis. (The Caryatis of the Acropolis hill were replaced and the original ones are in the museum).

Acropolis Hill Since 1987, the Acropolis of Athens has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Odeion of Herodes Atticus


The Caryatis are six very pretty girls who look with pride on the Parthenon and have on their heads a basket, decorated with a Ionic frame, on which the roof of the portico rests. They are dressed in pleated tunics and the flexibility of one of the legs gives them grace and ease as if they did not feel the weight of the ceiling they hold. They look the same, but if you look closely you will see that each one has a different personality. All have their hair fallen by the shoulders, to reinforce the weak point of the neck of the statue.

The Originals Caryatis in Museum

The best trip … Acropolis Museum and Hill, Valew Valew !!!

Zeus Temple View from Acropole
Acropolis Museum and Theater of Dionysus
View for Agora and Temple of Hephaestus
View for Saronic Gulf

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