Masséna Museum #Nice, France

Villa Masséna and Museum
City:  Nice, France
Location: Bord de Mer (sea side), Av. Promenade des Anglais
Theme: Belle-Epoque Village | Neoclassical Architecture and Bonapartism History
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Price: 06

⭐ Historical Importance and Content ⭐ Architecture and the Internal Environment ⭐ Exhibition Halls and Lighting ⭐ Quality of Collection Items ⭐ Exhibition and Display ⭐ Catalog and Display (French) ⭐ Reception and Public Areas ⭐ Location, Price and Accessibility

The Masséna museum, the architectural jewel of the Promenade des Anglais, evokes, through its collections, the art and the history of the Riviera from the annexation of Nice by France until the end of the Belle Epoque.

In this chateau, there is a big history of Napoleon family. The details of Bonapartism followers and your political influence at XIX century. Its historical and important figures, such as Princess, heroes and Generals. An important house and symbol of the state. if you walking over the Promenade beach at Nice you have to see the Masséna museum, first of all … there is a beautiful garden in the entrance and after when we go in there are two amazing floors. The first one dedicates to the luxury halls and the second one to the art galleries.

At the historical Halls of the first floor we can see a spectacular art and interior architectural details. Parts of how they lived at Belle Epoque. An environment with refinements of the Bonapartist imperial court. Very interesting and important, all this to understand part of the great history of Napoleonic France Empire period. At the second floor there are many galleries about important figures, in this galleries the beautiful arts as like painting, personal items, sculpture and photos also about Nice Ville and your importance.

Andrea Massena
Queen Victoria (UK)
Marie Lætitia Bonaparte Wyse

Princess Pauline Bonaparte
Napoleon III

If you are in Nice don’t let to know Massena Museum and your “belle histoire et culture”. Valew Valew !!!

Promenade des Anglais, st

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