Saint John’s Hospital #Bruges, Belgium

Saint John’s Hospital
City:  Bruges, Belgium
Location: Downtown, Mariastraat 38
Theme: History, Religious and Health
Facebook MuseaBrugge/
Price: 08
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MAS – Museum aan de Stroom #Antwerp, Belgium

MAS | Museum aan de Stroom
City: Antwerp, Belgium
Location: Downtown, River Scheldt border near Antwerp port
Theme: Collection about Antwerp history and port trade.
Instagran /masantwerpen
Price: 05 EUR
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Galleria dell’Accademia #Florence, Italy

Galleria dell’Accademia
City: Firenze, Italy
Location: Downtown, Via Ricasoli, 58/60.
Period: Renaissance 1300 – 1700 dc
Facebook /GalleriaAccademiaFirenze
Price: 08 EUR
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Museu Egípcio do Cairo e Old Cairo #Cairo, Egito

Museu de Antiguidades Egípcias
Cidade: Cairo, Egito
Local: Centro do Cairo as Margens do Rio Nilo, praça Al Tahrir.
Tema: Arqueologia Egípicia – Egiptologia.
Facebook /EgyptianMuseum09
Preços: Egyptian Museum: 09 EUR (70 LE)
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Etihad Museum #Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Etihad Museum
City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Location: Bur Dubai, in Jumeirah 1 next Jumeirah Mosque.
Period: Foundation Process of the United Arab Emirates | 1968 a 1974
Facebook /etihadmuseum
Price: 06 EUR (25 AED)
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Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments #Prague, Czech Republic

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments
City: Prague, Czech Republic
Location: Center, Great location next to the Charles Bridge (Karlův Most)
Period: Late Middle Ages up to the Renaissance | 1300 – 1600
Facebook /torturemuseumprague/
Price: 06 EUR
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